Milwaukee County Sheriff Says He Will Not Join Homeland Security Department – New York Times

Milwaukee County Sheriff Says He Will Not Join Homeland Security Department – New York Times

Neither the White House nor the Department of Homeland Security ever acknowledged that Sheriff Clarke was actually offered a job at the agency. The Department of Homeland Security did not respond to request for comment.

When Mr. Clarke said last month on a Milwaukee radio show that he would join the homeland security agency as an assistant secretary, it set off alarms in Wisconsin and in Washington.

Chris Abele, the Milwaukee County executive, said in a statement at the time, “The appointment of Sheriff Clarke to a position intended to build partnership and engagement is not a decision made by someone interested in partnership or engagement.”

Juliette N. Kayyem, who was assistant secretary for intergovernmental affairs at the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration, wrote on Twitter: “I am floored. And feel for my career staff.”

Senator Kamala Harris of California, a Democrat who sits on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, wrote in a Twitter post: “Sheriff David Clarke’s unconscionable record makes him unfit to serve. This appointment is a disgrace.”

Sheriff Clarke, who gained national attention when he spoke at the Republican National Convention last July, is a vocal proponent of gun rights and is a member of the National Rifle Association. That association has often brought him into conflict with the Black Lives Matter movement, which rose to prominence after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, a black teenager, in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014.

In May, a grand jury recommended criminal charges against several staff members at a jail run by Sheriff Clarke in connection with the death of an inmate last year.

Most recently, Mr. Clarke had been accused of plagiarism. According to a report by CNN, he reportedly failed to properly attribute sources at least 47 times in his 2013 master’s thesis on national security.

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June 18, 2017 at 03:44AM


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