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ArchitectScripta Summer Workshop 2017 :RECEIVING APPLICATIONS NOW :

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ArchitectScripta ATHENS Workshop: 10th-20th of July 2017 @ Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece
ArchitectScripta is organizing an International intensive workshop of Advanced Architectural Design
under the Thinking Tank of .:ErrorGRiD:.

based on Maya and Grasshopper techniques. The ArchitectScripta
Summer Workshop 2017 is led by ArchitectScripta Principal Nefeli Chatzimina (currently teaching
at the National Technical University of Athens, previous teaching at the University of Southern California
in Los Angeles ), an allumni Graduate of Columbia University in New York City and Nikos Papavasileiou
(ArchitectScripta Principal).

ArchitectScripta Athen Workshop is organized under the auspices of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture
and the Athens School of Fine Arts. Selected Participants will attend the computation design workshop,
academic lectures, nal reviews and exhibition at Benaki Museum of Athens from 10th until the 20th of
July 2017. Daily meetings will take place from 10am to 5pm at the Benaki Museum of Pireos 138 in Athens.
As part of an ongoing academic research, ArchitectScripta Workshops introduce participants into contemporary
discussions of formal exploration in Architecture and Art. Through technical attainment of design and digital
production the ArchitectScripta Workshops give the opportunity to students of Architecture and Art, Professional
Architects, Designers and Artists to challenge new design territories. Our goal is to explore innovative, potential
architectural expressions of the current discourse around Form through computational tools (Autodesk MAYA,
Grasshopper Rhino). We will focus on technique elaboration, material intelligence, formal logic e ciencies and
precision assemblies as an ultimate condition of design. The workshop will develop and investigate the notion of
pro cient geometric variations at a level of complexity, so that questions towards geometrical e ectiveness, accuracy
and performance can begin to be understood in a contemporary setting. The workshop is a discourse based in
the use of multi-layered techniques and production processes that allow for control over intelligent geometries,
calibration of parts, and behavioral taxonomies, normalizing an innovative held of predictability.


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June 19, 2017 at 12:27PM


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