2 Million Pounds of Rotting Wildebeest

2 Million Pounds of Rotting Wildebeest


Shaena Montanari, Nat Geo
For wildebeest, the yearly migration across the Serengeti can mean life or death.Predators such as crocodiles and big cats lie in wait as the herd of more than one million makes its 1,000-mile loop across the savannas of Tanzania and Kenya.But one of the most seriousand overlookedthreats of this overland migration is drowning. With thousands crossing the Mara River at the same time, scores of the antelopes are swept away by the current. (Read how wildebeest know when to migrate.)


via RealClearScience http://ift.tt/VUc7dc

June 19, 2017 at 09:56PM


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