Nintendo Switch To Go STEM with FUZE Code Studio

Nintendo Switch To Go STEM with FUZE Code Studio

Learning how to code is essential for kids to prepare for their work life. There are many options to introduce kids to programming. Apple offers Swift Playground and toys like the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot teach kids to code in a playful context. A UK company plans to release a programming tool on the Nintendo Switch in Q2 of 2018.

The Fuze Code Studio supports a Basic type programming language. Kids are supposed to be able to program their own games on the Switch. Access to the Joy-Con sensors and controls are available to the code. A USB keyboard can be used to type the code on the Nintendo Switch.

It appears that the project is still in early stages. I am also not convinced that Nintendo will approve this type of software for the Nintendo Switch.

The company is offering Basic coding solutions on Windows and other platforms. Fuze Technologies provides a way to stay up to date with the project here.

The next big Nintendo Switch game release is Splatoon 2 on July 21. Amazon offers pre-order discounts for Prime members to the tune of 20%. Still coming in June is the Zelda DLC Pack 1 titled The Master Trials.

GameStop released four new Nintendo Switch bundles online starting at $399.99 last week. Two of these Nintendo Switch bundles are still available for purchase. Customers can collect a $20 discount on one of the new Switch bundles on offer. There is no other online store selling the Nintendo Switch at the moment. There are three bundles left for purchase including two ARMS bundles.

To find Nintendo Switch in stock online in the coming days, shoppers can use our new The Tracker app, available as free download for iOS and Android. The app sends a notification when the Nintendo Switch is in stock online at major retailers. We are in the process of releasing a new major update that will also bring deals tracking for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day 2017.

We just made the I4U News Nintendo Switch summer giveaway more attractive by adding another Nintendo Switch Pro controller to the bundle. Now the value of the Switch bundle we are giving away for free is $500. Read the latest Nintendo Switch news.


via I4U News

June 20, 2017 at 04:05AM


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