Perfect Daughter Trolls Mom By Replacing All Family Photos With the Dog in Costumes

Perfect Daughter Trolls Mom By Replacing All Family Photos With the Dog in Costumes

Marissa Hooper of Waxahachie, Texas simply wanted to test something: would her parents notice if she swapped out the portraits around the house for similar looking ones of the dog?

So the 21-year-old college student slowly but surely recreated the family’s most precious moments with replacement glamour shots starring their 2-pound chihuahua and deposited them throughout the house. The tweet containing the collection of photos she posted Saturday was funny enough to garner 28,000 retweets and 66,000 likes.

“I saw the opportunity to have some fun,” she told TIME. Graduation photo? That was no trouble at all for Marissa who gave Dixie the full look, cap and all. She even used found objects around the house to fashion the miniature dresses, hair accessories and wigs.

The result: Her mother Kathryn Hooper didn’t note the home makeover at first, but she eventually figured it all out. “It took her over two weeks to notice the first time but only a few days to spot Dixie in a graduation cap and gown,” Marissa said. “By process of elimination, she caught me the second time.”

That was when Kathryn texted the college student to inform her she was not pleased with the new arrangement. “Stop doing that with my pictures!!! I know it was you! I keep having to explain to company why we have 5×7 of Dixie everywhere!” she texted Marissa.

Finally, the mom worked in a joke of her own about Dixie. “Her Graduation picture came out better than yours.”


via TIME

June 20, 2017 at 10:55AM


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