Today’s Best Deals: Portal Router, Carpet Cleaner, Sport-Brella XL, and More

Today’s Best Deals: Portal Router, Carpet Cleaner, Sport-Brella XL, and More

A router designed for apartment dwellers, a 2-in-1 carpet cleaner, and the last Lightning cable you’ll ever need lead off Tuesday’s best deals.

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Top Tech Deals

The past year or so has seen a welcome deluge of Wi-Fi router innovation, and Portal seems to be one of the best newcomers in the space, particularly for smaller dwellings in congested, urban environments.

Portal includes app-based configuration, nine internal antennas, and mesh capabilities if you buy more than one…table stakes these days for a good router. But while almost all home Wi-Fi routers limit you to a small number of public channels over 5GHz, Portal also opens up four “DFS” channels that are typically reserved for military use and commercial radar.



The law allows home routers to use these DFS channels, but they must shift off of them for a set amount of time whenever they detect active radar to avoid interference. Portal does just this, and moves all of your devices off of the busy channel in the background automatically, and shifts them back on when it’s safe. That means that most of the time, these channels are practically empty, so you won’t have to worry about interference from your neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks. This Digital Trends review has a thorough explanation of the technology, if you’re curious.

Portal retails for $200, and has sold for around $150 for the last few months, but for a limited time, you can try it out for $126 with promo code KINJAWIN. I bought this thing earlier this year, and absolutely love it.

Anker’s PowerLine and PowerLine+ cables were already our readers’ favorite charging cables, but the new PowerLine II line is even stronger, comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty, and is a few bucks off on Amazon today.

We wrote more about the cables over on Gear, but the long and short of it is that between the extreme durability and the lifetime warranty, it’s quite possible that this will be the last Lightning cables you ever have to buy. The 6′ model is the one on sale this week, but only in white.

ClearMax 10-Pack Mini Extension Cords, $10 with code WQFRS4Z5

Giant plugs that cover up half the outlets on your power strip should be outlawed, but until that day arrives, these short extension cords will have to do. $10 gets you a pack of 10 (with code WQFRS4Z5), which should be enough for even the most advanced home theater setups.

3-Pack MicroUSB to USB-C Adapters, $7 with code AUKCBA23 | 2-Pack Aluminum Adapter, $5 with code AUKCBA92

USB-C will be the only cable we ever have to use before too long, but until that day comes, you’ll need some microUSB to USB-C adapters to ease the transition.

Chinese electronics firm LeEco released its first phones in the US late last year, and you can get one for just $140 unlocked, today only.

The LeEco Le S3 packs in a 5.5" 1080p display, a 16 MP camera, 3GB of RAM, and a speedy-enough Snapdragon 652 processor. That’s a great deal at its usual $170-$200, and it’s an absolute steal during today’s Gold Box.

Anker SoundBuds Slim, $22 with code 35SUMMER

Anker’s SoundBuds are our readers’ favorite affordable Bluetooth headphones, and the smallest version is back on sale, if you need another pair to keep in your gym bag or luggage.

The SoundBuds Slim are, as you might have gleaned from the name, far smaller than the originals. Heck, they look like a small set of wired earbuds; you might never guess there were batteries and Bluetooth radios in there. Despite the size, these buds are still rated for seven hours of battery life, and recharge fully in just 90 minutes.

While most mechanical gaming keyboards look like props from bad sci-fi movies, Logitech’s G610 would look right at home in an office, and Amazon’s offering up the red switch model for just $70 today. Despite the nondescript look, the G610 still includes per-key customizable backlighting and programmable macros. Plus, this is one of the best prices we’ve seen for any keyboard with genuine Cherry MX switches.

Can’t remember what a red switch is? Lifehacker has a great explainer.

USB-C will take over the world before long, but in the meantime, you’ll want some USB-C to USB-A cables to ease the transition. Get two reader-favorite Anker PowerLine cables for $10 with promo code BEST8166.

You don’t need to sell a kidney to afford noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones; these 4 star-rated Cowin E-7s are just $39 right now, or $31 off with promo code AU2KA5OO.

They might not have the brand recognition of Sony or Bose, but these headphones pack in 30 hours of battery life, the ability to use them in wired mode if the battery dies, and yes, active noise cancellation that reviewers say works really well.

Once you’ve use a CyberPower’s swiveling surge protectors, every other outlet solution will feel inferior. Since it lets you position your plugs on the side, rather than sticking straight out, you can push furniture right up against the outlet. It’s a small detail that makes a huge difference. Today on Amazon, get it for just $8, or $15 for a model with two USB ports.

1 Year NordVPN, $48 with code VIP70 | 2 Year Plan, $72 with code 2YSpecial2017

VPNs are in the news these days, and with good reason. So if you’re curious to sign up and start protecting your browsing history and personal data (or, you know, getting around websites’ geoblocks), NordVPN charges less per month than a typical trip to Starbucks.

NordVPN has long been one of the most popular and reliable VPN providers out there, and if you sign up for a one-year membership, promo code VIP70 will drop your annual price from $69 to $48. If you’re sure you want to commit, use this link instead to get a special two year plan for $79 with code 2YSpecial2017. Lifehacker has recommended Nord in some previous guides, but if you have any firsthand experience with the service, sound off in the comments!

Top Home Deals

If you’ve never deep-cleaned a carpet, get ready for an eye-opening experience when you see just how much crap a person can track into a home.

The Bissell DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe isn’t the cheapest carpet cleaner we’ve ever seen at $127 refurbished, but it has a pretty cool trick up its sleeve. The entire cleaning unit actually lifts off the wheeled base, so you can go from cleaning your floors to scrubbing your car or sofa in a flash. Today’s price is over $40 less than buying it new, but it’s only available today, or until they’re all cleaned out.

Bar none, Sport-Brella is the ultimate beach umbrella, and Amazon’s discounting the blue XL model for just $49 today, the best price we’ve seen in a couple months.

Unlike a regular umbrella, Sport-Brella leans backwards and attaches to the sand with stakes, creating a kind of semi-private cocoon with enough space for a couple of chairs and a cooler. Best of all, it sets up in about five minutes (once you know what you’re doing), and can provide a full day’s worth of privacy and sun protection.

We’ve seen several deals recently on the standard model, but fewer on the XL, so if you could use the extra foot of space, I’d lock in your order without delay.

OxyLED T4S, $60 with code OXYT4SDL

Those big, fancy swing arm lamps aren’t just for architects and lawyers in dramatic films; you can clip this one from OxyLED onto just about any desk for $60 today with code OXYT4SDL. That’s a whopping $30 off, and a great deal for a lamp that yo can adjust every which way.

When it comes to making your own salad, you can sort of shake some of the water off your rinsed greens (and make a mess in the process), take your chances by not rinsing (gross), or just suck it up and buy a salad spinner. This one has great reviews, and has never been cheaper.

SLA Battery Charger, $15 with code XZX9DKPE

If you’re leaving your car untouched for a significant period of time, or just want to top-up your battery as it ages, this RAVPower maintainer can trickle charge it back to health. And for smaller batteries like you’d find in a lawnmower or motorcycle, it’s even capable of fully recharging them.

Not only is the new WeMo Mini Smart Plug smaller than the top-selling original so as to only cover one outlet, it’s also cheaper. You’ll almost always see it available for $35, but today on Amazon, it’s knocked down to $30.

Despite its diminutive size, this includes all the same features as the full-sized WeMo Switch, including IFTTT support, Alexa compatibility, and an Away mode that will randomize your lights to deter ne’er-do-wells.

It’s been over a month since the last time we posted a deal on Haribo Gold Bears, so you’ve finished your last bag and you’re ready for a resupply, Amazon’s marked it back down to $9 with Subscribe & Save, or $10 with standard shipping. Just note that while it will ship free with any Subscribe & Save order, buying it separately will require it to be part of a $25 order.



Also, fear not, these aren’t the sugar free ones that famously do horrible things to you body.

Anker LC130 Flashlight + 2x LC40 Flashlight, $60 with code KINJA619

In addition to making a bunch of your favorite charging gear, Anker also produces some seriously popular flashlights, and we’ve got a special deal on them today just for our readers.

All you have to do is buy Anker’s super-bright LC130 flashlight, and you’ll get two of their compact LC40s for free. Just add both products below to your cart, and use code KINJA619 at checkout to get the discount.

The LC130 puts out a blinding 1300 lumens, and features a built-in rechargeable battery and IP67 dust and water resistance, while the LC40s put out a still-respectable 400 lumens, and require AAAs or 18650 batteries.

Who loves free pizza? Everyone loves free pizza. And this $25 Domino’s gift card is only $20 today, which is basically equivalent to $5 worth of free pizza or (insert Homer Simpson drooling noise) cheesy bread. And since this is just a gift card, rather than a specific offer, you can stack it with any other promotions Domino’s happens to be running.

$40 Google Express Voucher, $12 with code HURRY20

If Google Express operates in your city, and you are not and have not been a customer, you can get $40 off your first order for just $12, courtesy of Groupon. This deal is listed as $15 for a $40 voucher, but promo code HURRY20 will save you an extra 20%.



Again, just so nobody gets mad at me, this voucher will only work for new Google Express accounts.

2-Pack OxyLED T-02 Motion Light, $15 with code KINJA02L

OxyLED’s OxySense motion-sensing closet light is one of the best-selling products in Kinja Deals history, and it’s easy to see why. You can stick it anywhere, it turns itself on and off, and it’s super cheap. Today, add two individual lights your cart (not the 2-pack available on the page), and get both for $15 with promo code KINJA02L.

Top Lifestyle Deals

25% off with code JUNE25

American Eagle (and Aerie) have always been a good destination to find simple basics that will last, and denim that isn’t pretentious. Pick up both things (and more) with 25% off when you use the code JUNE25. This includes all clearance and BOGO styles for both men and women, plus the 10-for-$30 promo happening on select women’s underwear, which means they’re really 10-for-$23.

Dorco Pace Power + 10 Cartridges, $14 with code KINJAPWR14

Dorco’s insane razor discounts continue unabated this week with the Pace Power Shaving Kit, just $14 with code KINJAPWR14. The Pace Power looks like a regular razor handle, but pop a AAA battery in there, and it can lightly vibrate to help lift hairs for an easier shave. It’ll work with any of Dorco’s standard cartridges, but this particular bundle includes 10 six-blade Pace 6s.

Extra 25% off sale styles with code 25EXTRA

Levi’s is a classic American denim brand, and they make your favorite pair of men’s jeans (no surprise there). Right now, they’re giving you an extra 25% off their entire sale section, from denim to outerwear and beyond, with the code 25EXTRA. With prices like these, a Canadian tuxedo may even start to look appealing.

BioLite makes some of the most insane and useful camping gear on the market, and you can save on their entire product lineup today with promo code BIOKINJA.

We have to start by pointing out the BioLite CampStove 2, which is an ultra-portable wood-burning stove that generates electricity while it cooks your meals. Yes, you can actually plug your phone into a 2 pound wood burning stove to charge it, or just let the heat charge a built-in battery pack that your phone can tap into any time. Shane wrote more about it here, including all of the accessories you need to get the most out of it.

For larger meals, check out the BioLite BaseCamp, which is large enough to cook an entire pizza.

The code will also work on BioLite’s NanoGrid line, which is an array of portable lighting products that can illuminate your campsite while also keeping your USB devices charged. You’ll want to start with the main NanoGrid unit, which acts as a hub for controlling all of the other lights in the lineup.

BioLite sells a ton of other little accessories to outfit your camping trip, so don’t forget to head over to their storefront and use promo code BIOKINJA to save 15% across the board.

Amazon Beauty Sample Box, $12 with $12 credit

This Amazon Beauty Sample Box will only set you back $12 (plus a $12 credit on select beauty items) and includes e.l.f. lipstick, facial wipes from Acure and simple, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel, and more. Note, it’s exclusive to Prime members only.

Honestly, beauty sample boxes are the best way to try out new beauty buys, without spending way too much money on something you don’t know if you like.

Amazon sample boxes are one of the only good things to come out of 2016, and they’re back at it again with a $10 box full of men’s grooming gear, plus a $10 credit to spend on over 130 select men’s grooming products on your next order. Assuming you use the credit, that basically means you got eight or more name-brand products for free.

Top Media Deals

If it won’t bother you too much to see James Bond as an overt racist, several of Ian Fleming’s original novels are on sale for just $7 each in Paperback today.

Top Gaming Deals

The PowerWheels line-up has come far from the days of Barbie Jeeps being commandeered by older brothers and dying after 30 minutes. This Gold Box is filled with childhood nostalgia, and some models that almost look street legal. So if your kid has been asking for one, this one-day sale is your ticket to popping wheelies in your driveway.

It doesn’t come with any bundled extras (other than a copy of Minecraft), but $200 is the best cash price we’ve seen on an Xbox One S to date. I’m one of those dummies that paid $500 for a Day One Xbox One, so I’m gonna go sulk in the corner for a minute.





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