Kano Launches Pixel Kit DIY Light-Up Computer

Kano Launches Pixel Kit DIY Light-Up Computer


Nearly a year after its successful Kickstarter campaign, Kano’s Pixel Kit is now available to the masses.

The LEGO-like light board boasts 128 pixels that bring to life your own games, data, artwork, and music.

For $79.99, you get a box of buttons, boards, batteries, books, and beyond. Build the Pixel Kit yourself, then connect it to a computer (Mac or PC) and download the Kano App.

Pixel Kit is the new reading-under-the-blanket-with-a-flashlight (via Kano)

Powered by Kano Code, the program uses storytelling and game mechanics to simplify coding; it features more than 40 challenges and access to a handful of tools (including the ability to track the International Space Station).

“[Pixel Kit] displays the weather, the news, or funny messages,” according to a Kano blog post. “It breaks the boundary between the digital and the physical.”

Each pack includes access to Kano World, an online community platform where millions of lines of code and DIY instructions are shared.

“We’ve developed the Pixel Kit to be playful, but also powerful. It is our brightest creation to date, and we think you will love it,” the London-based startup said.

Pixel Kit was introduced in September, alongside the 5-megapixel codable Camera Kit and programmable Speaker Kit—all powered by a single-board computer, dubbed the “Kano Brain,” that connects to other devices over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

They also come with a Kano Sensor, which works with existing USB-compatible hardware like laptops and desktops.

Create artwork with Pixel Kit (via Kano)

The manufacturer made waves in 2013 with a crowdfunding project that made it easier for tinkerers to get started with the Raspberry Pi.

A year later, Kano raised more than $1.55 million to ship its $150 computer-and-coding kit. Powered by the pint-sized Raspberry Pi 2, the bundle comes with instruction booklets, an 8GB SD card with the Kano OS, a DIY speaker, Kano keyboard, and custom case mods and stencils, as well as HDMI and mini-USB cables, a smart power plug, and a Wi-Fi connector.

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July 16, 2017 at 02:45PM


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