Earthen Shells and Robotic Fabrication seminar at IAAC Barcelona – Results

Earthen Shells and Robotic Fabrication seminar at IAAC Barcelona – Results
Earthen ShellsInnochain Research

MSc Arch. Stephanie Chaltiel has been kind enough to share with us the output of one of the fabrication workshops she is running at IAAC within her InnoChain PhD research program.
This seminar was based on exploring earthen monolithic shells fabrication methods with iterative 3d scanning at different stages of the structures’s edification. The resulting 3d scans were used in Rhino to perform some structural (Karamba) and passive ventilation (Rhino CFD) simulations.
Grasshopper/Karamba were used to extract the stress lines, giving the opportunity for reinforcement features. In addition, Karamba was used to detect areas of the shell working primarily in tension or in compression and associate thickness variations of the shell accordingly.

The results of the simulations were trasnlated into design opportunities of the earthen shells resulting in unique aesthetics. In addition, resin robotic pouring was explored and different finish resulted from varying angle, speed and distance to the surface robotic parameters on Grasshopper/Kuka prc software.

At the end of the seminar, students presented their shells to the Jury members – Verena Vogler (McNeel Europe), Vincent Chavy (Universal Robots Barcelona) and Amadeo Monreal (UPC – Mathematics) – who provided them some useful feedback.
Participants: 12 students from year 1 of the IAAC Master in Advanced Architecture
Tutors: Stephanie Chaltiel, Abdullah Ibrahim, Noor El-Gewely
Advisor for CFD and Augmented Reality: Angelos Chronis
Stephanie would like to specially thank Maite Bravo (Iaac) for her very rich input in the seminar, as well as the Jury members.



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July 17, 2017 at 10:40AM


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