Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Long-Awaited Return of Game of Thrones

Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Long-Awaited Return of Game of Thrones


After more than a year, Game of Thrones has made its very welcome return. It was a reasonably quiet episode, by which mean at least 50 people were still murdered, but it’s what the premiere has promised is yet to come is what we need to breakdown.

The cracks in Jon and Sansa’s relationship have already begun to show. Bran finally returns to the south of the Wall. Cersei is about to make an alliance that is going to go immensely badly for somebody. Arya’s Westerosi Murder Tour continues unabated!

And most importantly, Daenerys Stormborn has returned to Westeros, and retaken Dragonstone, place of her birth and the ancestral capital of the Targaryens. Dany is ready to get started taking back what is hers, but Game of Thrones has already begun the the great game’s final round.


So: What did you think about the episode? What didn’t you like? How do feel about Arya having lunch with Ed Sheeran? And, most important, what you think will happen in the six (sob!) remaining episodes of the season?

io9’s official recap will be up tomorrow morning after Morning Spoilers.


via io9 http://io9.gizmodo.com

July 16, 2017 at 11:07PM


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