The Morning Brief: Deadly Arizona Flood, Roger Federer and Ann Coulter

The Morning Brief: Deadly Arizona Flood, Roger Federer and Ann Coulter

Good morning. These are today’s top stories:

Arizona flash flood kills 5 children

Nine people, including five children, were killed after a flash flood swept through an Arizona swimming hole. “They had no warning. They heard a roar, and it was on top of them,” Water Wheel Fire and Medical District Fire Chief Ron Sattelmaier said, according to the Associated Press.

Roger Federer wins Wimbledon

Roger Federer has won his eighth Wimbledon singles title, setting a record in the men’s tournament. The Swiss tennis ace beat out Marin Cilic and earned his 19th major trophy overall.

Delta responds to Ann Coulter tirade

Political commentator Ann Coulter attacked Delta Air Lines in a Twitter rant after she said company switched her seat for one with less legroom shortly before takeoff. Delta said the way Coulter handled the situation was “unnecessary and unacceptable.” The airline also said it would refund Coulter the $30 price difference.


The vote on the health care bill has been postponed while Sen. John McCain recovers from surgery for a blood clot.

Celebrities and filmmakers are paying tribute to zombie film director George Romero, who died at 77.

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is raising money to send people to Mars.

Actress Jodie Whittaker will be the first female star of Doctor Who.

Singer Aaron Carter lashed out at his celebrity brother Nick Carter after being arrested for drug-related charges.

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via TIME

July 17, 2017 at 08:44AM


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