RC Tank that Prints without Support, Assembles without Hardware and Wires without Soldering

RC Tank that Prints without Support, Assembles without Hardware and Wires without Soldering



  • Prints without support!
  • Assembles without hardware!
  • Wires without soldering!

This tank does not require a single bolt or nut. You just print the parts, put them together, connect the motors and electronics, and it’s ready for battle. It shows excellent off-road capabilities, and turns on a dime. Each of this tank’s two tracks is printed in a single piece, thus eliminating the need for assembly hardware.

The machine shown in the video below is powered with a Picaxe 20M2 microcontroller installed on a 300-hole mini-breadboard. There is also an H-bridge motor driver, an IR sensor, a couple of resistors and capacitors, and a whole bunch of jump cables. The entire set of electronic components used here can be bought on eBay for just a few dollars. The tank is operated with a regular Sony TV remote control.


Qty Filename Print Time (min.) Total Print Time (min.)
2 tank_tracks.stl 204 408
1 tank_left_front_wheel.stl 86 86
1 tank_left_back_wheel.stl 77 77
1 tank_right_front_wheel.stl 86 86
1 tank_right_back_wheel.stl 77 77
2 tank_front_hubcap.stl 10 20
2 tank_back_hubcap.stl 11 22
1 tank_left_outer_rail.stl 51 51
1 tank_left_inner_rail.stl 41 41
1 tank_right_outer_rail.stl 51 51
1 tank_right_inner_rail.stl 41 41
1 tank_frame.stl 105 105
2 tank_motorholder.stl 40 80
2 tank_adapter.stl 10 20
1 tank_batteryholder.stl 91 91
1 tank_cover.stl 166 166
1 tank_cannon.stl 61 61

Total printed parts: 22
Total print time (approx.): 1,483 min. (24 hours and 43 min.)

For detailed and illustrated assembly instructions, please visit http://ift.tt/2t9NaT6.


via Thingiverse – Featured Things http://ift.tt/2utxdv7

July 17, 2017 at 08:31PM


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