Army-Navy had 2018’s best ‘GameDay’ signs, hands down – SB Nation

Army-Navy had 2018’s best ‘GameDay’ signs, hands down – SB Nation

The annual meeting between Navy and Army has a uniquely load-bearing responsibility in the college football schedule. If this game is bad, then the entirety of college football’s final pre-bowl weekend is bad (unless you’re wise enough to watch FCS or other playoffs). Luckily, the game is almost always great.

So it goes with College GameDay signs as well. With only one FBS game going on, ESPN’s road show has a simple choice of destination. And just like on the field, Army and Navy fans in Philadelphia bring it.

I’m certain I laughed more at this week’s signs than I did at the entire rest of the year combined. That’s an annual thing with this game.

First up, current Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy champion Army.

This is a pro-UCF household, but that’s still hilarious:

It’s time for the Flat Earther intermission.

And now, let’s see what Navy’s got.

A reference to Army pranksters nearly killing Air Force’s falcon mascot:

We got Congressional budgetary funding trash talk, somehow:

Re: Army’s Black Knights nickname:

The rest of the United States military was not forgotten.

The Air Force signs were OK, but let’s concentrate on this:

And now for some news.

UCF, as it’s prone to do, countered.

Did Georgia catch a stray?

Yes. Georgia is designed to catch as many strays as possible at all times.

A specific strain of Bama, though.


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December 8, 2018 at 01:03PM

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