Unannounced Play Store change causes confusion among Android users – PhoneArena

Unannounced Play Store change causes confusion among Android users – PhoneArena


“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” is a phrase often thrown around usually when people make fun of apps or games that are doing something weird. But recently, it described very accurately something that happened with Google’s Play Store.

A few days ago users all over the internet started complaining that they weren’t seeing any notifications informing them that their apps have been updated. As more reports of that unusual behavior started popping app,

AndroidPolice took notice

and started gathering information from various sources.

After the notification issue was apparently fixed for about a day, new complaints started emerging that they are gone once again. Users were understandably frustrated with what was going on and many were likely blaming the issue on a popular culprit: spaghetti code.

Perhaps after finishing a bowl or two of popcorn, a spokesperson from Google contacted AndroidPolice and revealed that the missing notifications are actually a deliberate effort on Google’s behalf and not a bug.

The goal is supposedly to reduce the notification clutter many users are experiencing. An ongoing effort that follows a reduction of

notifications shown by Chrome on Android


And while there are apparently die-hard fans of the “app updated” notifications that will dearly miss them, the vast majority of users won’t even notice the change. Play Store will still show notifications while apps are being updated, but once the process is done they will disappear.

So, in case you were worried that your apps aren’t updating, don’t be, it’s all happening behind the scenes for your convenience.


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January 15, 2020 at 07:43AM

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