Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick to seek treatment for alcoholism – POLITICO

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick to seek treatment for alcoholism – POLITICO

Kirkpatrick, who missed a historic floor vote on Wednesday to transmit impeachment articles to the Senate, did not say how much time she is expected to be away from Washington. But she made clear she intended to keep her seat.

“I am taking this important step forward with the full expectation and desire to return to work stronger and healthier and to continue serving my beloved Arizona,” she wrote in the statement.

Kirkpatrick has served four, nonconsecutive terms in the House, representing two separate, competitive districts. She first served in a sprawling, northern Arizona district that was later captured by GOP Rep. Paul Gosar — a seat that made her one of the Democrats’ most vulnerable members.

But after a failed attempt to oust then-Sen. John McCain, Kirkpatrick ran for a different seat in 2018 — formerly held by Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) — in southeastern Arizona. She won by a wide margin.

Kirkpatrick now serves on the powerful House appropriations panel. The Democrat said her offices would remain “fully operational” and she would make her position on all recorded votes publicly available.

Democratic Rep. Tom O’Halleran, who now represents Kirkpatrick’s old seat, wrote on Twitter that she is a “dedicated public servant.”

“I wish her well as she tackles this next fight, and am keeping her in my thoughts today. Asking for help is hard, but Ann has always been stronger than most,” O’Halleran tweeted.


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January 16, 2020 at 12:44AM

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